Exploring ways to help
clients go even further

Graycor International

Expanding your horizons.

Every mile we’ve traveled, every project we’ve undertaken and every success we’ve had has been accomplished for one reason: to satisfy our clients. We provide commercial, light industrial and heavy industrial construction capabilities throughout Mexico and Canada. And we’re exploring ways to help clients go even further.

Why do our clients choose us as their partner for their greatest strides? Because no matter what the challenge, they know we will bring the same level of service and command of craftsmanship that we have proven time and again here at home. We do this by remaining true to our promise of quality to match ISO 9000 standards for industrial projects, and to manage our work sites under OSHA’s strictest safety regulations – always.

Our Markets

When you’re making a mark on the world, make it count. Construction is bigger than the end result. It’s everything that goes into the process, and the role that you’re building will play in the lives of those that interact with it. On top of it all, fine arts centers, museums, parochial and child-care facilities, cultural and educational institutions often have limited funding and sensitive schedules.




Our People

Looking for a Local Connection?

The Graycor group of companies employs more than 1,600 construction specialists at its headquarters in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, regional offices and project sites throughout North America.


Everything we do begins with teamwork.

At Graycor, we invest in the welfare and professional growth of our people. We place greater value on partnerships over profit, and we operate within a set of core values that frame our strategy and culture, including maintaining a long-term perspective, upholding integrity and honesty, demonstrating safety leadership, emphasizing relationships, creating value, striving for continuous improvement, and achieving a healthy balance of work and family life. At Graycor, we’re building something more.


Nothing is more important than safety…not production, not sales, not profits.

Safety is not just a policy but a key part of our culture. As a family-owned and -operated company, it strikes to our core—each one of us is essential. Our health, our safety and the quality of our worksites is priority one. Protecting people means perfecting the environments in which they work. We believe errors are avoidable because our teams have accomplished major self-performance projects without a single injury. Our “Zero Injury” goal is the challenge every one of us aims to achieve every time we set foot on site.

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