Belews Creek, North Carolina

Belews Creek Air Compressor Dryer Upgrades

Client / Owner

Duke Energy




Graycor Southern

Project Scope

The Station has four Centac main air compressors, one Sierra model air compressor, and three refrigerated air dryers. Under normal operation, at least three Centac air compressors are running at various stages of load. In the summer months, all four Centacs are generally running fully loaded. The addition of various projects over the years have strained existing station capacity for air generation and drying. As a result, the air generation and drying reserve capacity has been reduced.

Graycor upgraded the air compressor consisting of the existing plant air system( Sierra compressor “E” demolition, selective demolition), installed the new Centac C700 scfm compressor “E”, and completed the new installation of a new dryer Ingersoll Rand NVC2400A refrigerant dryer #4 . Scope included the removal of associated existing piping, the installation of new 6” supply and discharge headers, SCR Dryer and Receiver Tank reconfigurations, FGD Dryer piping reconfigurations and electrical supports.

Belews Creek Dual Fuel Burner Conversion Units 1 & 2

Belews Creek, North Carolina