Chico, California

Chico Mall Renovation

Client / Owner

DMA / Chico Mall Investors, LLC

Architect / Engineer

Nudell Architects




Graycor Construction

Project Scope

Graycor completed the renovation of Chico Mall, a marquee property for the Northern California community which had been in need of improvements for a number of years. The focus of the renovation was to provide a “facelift” to the façade of the building, replacing entrance plazas, landscaping and signage, while addressing several ADA and cosmetic concerns throughout the mall’s interior.

The floors, ceiling, columns and neutral piers were upgraded throughout the mall’s many courts and concourses, including the addition of power and plumbing to enhance leasable locations. The food court and restrooms received a complete renovation, and a new custom play area was built. Floors were replaced with new tile and carpet to complete the rejuvenation of the property. The mall remained completely open to patrons during the renovation.

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