Chicago, Illinois

Hilton Chicago

Client / Owner

Chicago Hilton SE Exhibition Hall Renovation

Architect / Engineer

Looney & Associates


Living + Lodging


Graycor Construction

Project Scope

Graycor Construction Company completed renovation of Chicago Hilton’s SE Exhibition Hall. The freshly updated, 30,000 SF exhibition hall offers an expansive yet elegant space for trade shows and exhibits. Floor to ceiling improvements included new lighting with a dimming control system for multiple zones and lighting levels, carpeting throughout the both the exhibition hall Graycor renovated and an adjacent exhibition space, furnishing and installing an ADA wheel chair access lift, installing decorative custom laser cut panels, and painting of the open ceiling space.

Building something more, Graycor’s expertise in renovating older structures and working in occupied buildings was needed to create a safe and solid environment for the interior build out. This experience was critical to the success of the project as complete analysis of the work required could not be performed during bidding. Due to the age of the basement area and the lack of information about the mechanicals covered by a lower metal pan ceiling and the original plaster ceiling above it, Graycor anticipated unforeseen problems. Once on the job, the existing structure was thoroughly investigated; abandoned MEP was uncovered both between and above the two ceilings and a significant amount of asbestos pipe and ductwork was found. After asbestos abatement was coordinated and certified clean, the schedule was accelerated to three shifts. Work included demolition of the existing fire sprinkler branch piping and both ceilings, removal of the abandoned MEP ductwork, plumbing piping, electrical conduit and low voltage wiring. New fire sprinkler branch piping and electrical conduit for the new light fixtures and fire alarm system were then installed, and the complete documentation of the work was provided to the owner to ensure their facility records are complete regarding the exhibition hall.