No. 1 Blast Furnace Reline

Client / Owner


Architect / Engineer





Graycor International

Project Scope

Long-time client and industry leader ArcelorMittal called on Graycor Industrial to complete this emergency project at their steelmaking facility in Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, north of Ixtapa. The Graycor team completed the project in two months, including drilling the salamander, and removing and installing the furnace refractory from the bottom through the bosh.

In addition, the team replaced nearly 150 bosh and stack staves, along with 30 random staves damaged during the breakdown. Graycor also replaced the exterior stave piping and furnace top lip ring, and performed a partial top equipment change.

The project′s unique challenges required the combined effort of Graycor Industrial and Graycor International. One critical challenge was overcoming the language barrier between Graycor supervisors and the Hispanic workforce, which was solved through Graycor International′s multilingual resources. Graycor also coordinated the project′s materials from destinations including the U.S., China, Poland, Brazil, France and Mexico.